How to handle adversity

Most of us are trained through our childhood conditioning to view situations and circumstances that “are not going our way” as adversarial. We learn to fear them, resist them and avoid them if we can. We view adversity as totally undesirable, as a sign of failure or even as impending doom! This mindset does not […]


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Webcasts, podcasts, interviews and talks by Johan for ARCHITECTS

  Here are some podcasts, interviews and recordings of talks that I had been invited to do specifically for architects: Winning in business for architects with Johan Taft The #1 Threat to a Successful Architecture Practice with Johan Taft The 7 Most Common Obstacles To Growing An Architecture Business – B of A UK Live with […]

Making time to win new work

Original article published by RIBA Sales and marketing are as important to a practice as designing good buildings, and this is especially true for a small business. That is the considered opinion of business coach Johan Taft, who has advised several practices on how to grow their practices and witnessed positive results. Winning new […]

What is a Leader really paid to do?

“One cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it” – Albert Einstein. Yet many executives and talented individuals keep trying harder as a strategy for success, caught in the exhausting “react and response” mode where circumstance and emotion rather than wisdom and possibility dictate their every decision. What is a […]

‘Mistakes of our time’

When we were teenagers, my brother and I used to help the local farmer with the straw harvest at the end of the summer. It was a tradition back then that local kids would assist the farmers; a tradition now lost to heavily mechanised intensive farming. He and his wife were good friends of ours […]

The more sweat…

“The more sweat we lose in training, the less blood we lose in battle”(anonymous army general)

The B-52’s avoided me!

During my recent holiday in Vietnam I had the pleasure of becoming friends with a tea merchant who, over many cups of fragrant green tea shared with me stories of his experience as a Viet Cong Lieutenant during the American Vietnam conflict and later the even more horrific Cambodian Vietnam war. After an intensive 4 […]

Let us…

“Let us not look back in anger nor forward in fear but around us in awareness” (Leland Val Van De Wal)