Where's your autopilot headed?

‘Welcome to flight ME 237, destination New York City’ says the Captain over the Intercom. ‘This is your Captain speaking, and I’ll be flying you to New York. Actually, I’ll be doing 10% of the flying, and the autopilot 90%. Only hitch is that I’m not quite sure who programmed it, and what they programmed into it. Anyway, welcome aboard!’

Would you stay on this flight?

Most probably not, right? Our lives are not dissimilar. We create goals with our conscious mind, but where is the unconscious mind headed? What was programmed into it?

Unless the whole mind is singing from the same songsheet, ie the goal is recognised by the entire mind, chances are we will always remain at an arm’s length from fulfilling the goal. Success will continually escape us.

So what’s inside your autopilot?

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