What works vs. being right

Getting “committed to what works”, both in business and life,  causes us to repeat and create successful strategies and powerful ways of being. It switches on our creative mind which opens up our access to infinite resources, possibilities, solutions and understanding. It fuels our growth.

On the other hand, being “committed to being right” engages our judgmental mind which feeds our ego. This might get us what we think we want, for a while, however it is inherently destructive and builds long term negativity. And negativity creates instability.

Easy self-evaluation exercise:

1. Carry a small note pad with you for a day.

2. In it, write down any judgment, any criticism, any comparison or any condemnation of situations, of other people or even of self that you hear yourself saying out aloud , or silently to yourself (like a thought). Also take note of when you may find yourself making others wrong.

Now this will mean that you will need to become a type of witness or observer of your own speech and thoughts for a day. That in itself might be a challenge to some as many of our behaviours are unconscious. For example we might be unconsciously looking to always be right, to having the final word, comparing ourselves to others, seeking the upper hand or putting others down without even realising it (until of course it is pointed out. But who likes to point out that sort of thing, risking objection, rejection or even conflict?). A bit like a fish not knowing it is swimming in water until it is removed from the water. So in a way, you are pulling yourself out of the water, for a day.

3. At the end of the day, tally up the number of judgments, criticisms, comparisons and condemnations for that day.

If it exceeds 9, then you may be putting a disproportionate amount of energy into being right rather than being committed to what works.

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