Head trash or gut talking?


You’re either a business person about to close a big risky business deal

Or you’re a pro-athlete ready to sign with a new team promising to jet-propel your career

Or pehaps you’re a performing artist invited to sign on the dotted line with a dynamic new label…

And just as you are about to take the big step, the little voice in your head says “hold your horses, don’t do it!”

Panic!! Can you trust the little voice??

Is it your helpful intuition speaking , or is it that dreaded persistent voice of limitation, self-sabotage and fear, intefering yet again with your growth and expansion?

How to tell the difference?

Here are a few pointers:

If it’s your gut or intuition talking, then you should feel like you just received a valuable insight, a positive wake-up call, an “email” in your minds eye with new data.

It’s like a gentle but certain nudge from a faithful friend.

You should feel light.


Intuition gives you a sense of more faith in yourself, enhanced personal power.

It increases your belief in possibility.

It supports your current values and goals.

Intuition is the still, small voice within that feels authentic, powerful, and new.

If on the other hand, that inner voice was the inteference of your head trash (also called conditioning), then you would feel your energy drop.

You feel frustrated, in complaint; you want to be right about everything…

You are held back, your sense of self is eroded. You feel heaviness.

Fear is limiting your freedom to choose. It places your sense of power outside of you and it produces dependant views and responses. It could even result in addictive resposes (having you reach for the pack of cigarettes the tall glass of Scotch or the line of white powder…).

Conditioning is the old, familiar voice,dependent on external authority.

And if you do listen to it and act on it, it will ultimately leave you feeling unfulfilled, with no authentic ownership of your choices, continually striving for a better reality that never comes.

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